A Little Something I Peed On This Morning!

I’m at 8dp4dt, aka 12dpo, aka 8 days past my 4 day transfer of two embryos. I checked more than once to make sure I hadn’t accidentally grabbed the ovulation sticks instead of the pregnancy tests, I had not. So, that’s two POSITIVE pregnancy tests right there, both dipped in the same Cup O’ Pee. But let me back up a bit because I’ve been too anxious/superstitious/tired/lazy to blog my Two Week Wait.

Last Wednesday, June 1st, I got the call that my transfer would be the next day. I was a little upset because that would be a day 4 transfer and I really wanted a day 5 transfer because Dr. Google says that day 5 transfers have the best success rates. Also, there is like NO information on the internet about day 4 transfers, everyone does day 3 or 5. Alas, my doc says day 4 is just as good as day 5 and their results supported that so day 4 it was.

So on Thursday, June 2nd, we drove into Manhattan. The retrieval was EARLY in the morning on a Sunday of a holiday weekend so there was NO traffic at all then. A Thursday morning at 10am? Yup, tons of traffic. But we still got there about 15 minutes early because we’re anal about punctuality. The doctor though? Not so anal about punctuality. He was at least 30 minutes late because of traffic. But when he got there and got to work, everything went great! They said we had 3 of our 8 embryos that looked good. 1 was VERY good, and the other 2 were good.

They checked me out and said I had no signs of OHSS, so I could transfer 2 if I wanted, which I did! So we transferred the very good one and one of the good ones. Oh this was after they showed them to us on a monitor. They said they would email them to me, but it’s been over a week and no email yet. They did ask if I wanted the pictures right away or only after a positive test, I said right away but I’ll wait to bug them about it until after my beta in case they send them then. Then the doc inserted the catheter, which with my curved cervix is always pretty unpleasant, and shot those embryos right up there. He took it out and said it went as perfectly as it could have gone. They squirted the leftover fluid back into the petri dish to make sure the embryos weren’t in the catheter still, they weren’t, and then I just had to lay there for 30 minutes.

Oh and this was 30 minutes of having to pee SO BAD I was afraid to move on the table. They make you drink 2 glasses of water before you arrive, 2 more after you get there, then not pee until after your 30 minute wait. Well, add to that non-peeing time the amount of time the doctor was late PLUS him doing another woman’s transfer before mine, and OMG did I have to pee so bad! They offered me a bed pan, and they said they’d make my husband leave the room if I wanted to use it (he was allowed to scrub up and come in for the transfer), but I knew I could hold it because it wasn’t yet painful so I declined that indignity for now.

3o minutes later, the second best pee I’ve ever had. The first was after being stuck in traffic for HOURS after having a HUGE diet coke. That time, I was in pain, crying and afraid I would literally pee myself before I got to a gas station.

So, we went home and I did the bed rest thing for 2 days, then some more rest for a day (didn’t do much, saw the new XMen movie, which was awesome; watched some Game of Thrones). And then back to work on Monday. So all in all, through the whole IVF process, the only day of work I missed was transfer day! Pretty good. We’re lucky that the RE is about 20 minutes away and the IVF clinic (which is just the RE’s Manhattan office) is a 40 minute drive with out traffic or 60 with.

Days Past Transfer

I’ve had SO many symptoms but after my IUI experiences, I’ve been trying to convince myself that they were all symptoms of my period coming or the progesterone just as likely as they were pregnancy symptoms.

1dp4dt – 3 or 4dp4dt: I was still achy from the retrieval. Once that faded I felt pretty good. Boobs hurt SO BAD. This was from the hCG trigger shot I assume. And possible the Endometrin/progesterone.

4-6dp4dt: Crampy uterus. I guess this was implantation. I also had no real appetite and some constipation (from the Endometrin).

7dp4dt: Woke up with weird heartburn. It was weird because I had NOTHING to eat the night before that would remotely cause heartburn. I had some potatoes and some graham crackers for dinner. ¬†Around 2pm, I got so tired I knew if I laid down I could fall asleep immediately. And finally, we were supposed to have fish for dinner, but there was no way I could make myself eat fish. My stomach still feels icky, that’s never really gone away since the retrieval. I had an apple and some graham crackers for dinner.

And today, 8dp4dt: positive pregnancy test!! Internet cheapies, apparently early detection tests, line came up RIGHT away and it was definitely there. The picture is within 5 minutes I’d say.

I’m trying to rein in the excitement until a beta or two confirms everything, but this will make it much easier to stay positive over the weekend while I wait for beta on Tuesday. I have to run up to the RE’s office today to pick up more Endometrin samples, so while I’m there I’m going to tell them about the test and see what they say. I want them to say “Get the beta today then!” but we’ll see. They were pretty adamant about waiting til Tuesday. They didn’t even want me to switch to Monday (which I asked to do because I had enough Endometrin at home to get me to there so I could go get my beta Monday and grab more from them at the same time). Alas, that was a no go and I have to drive up to the office today just to pick it up. Which is fine as I don’t work on Fridays and have nothing else to do.

And that’s the end of this NOVEL. Yikes.

Long Time, No Post

Err, so I started a new part-time job (so now I have the total of one full time job, as I also work from home part-time) and I’ve been super busy with that.

I had my fourth and final IUI on Monday, March 14th. That makes today 10DPO. I tested mid-afternoon today and it was negative. But it wasn’t FMU and it is only 10DPO. I’m not totally heartbroken if this cycle doesn’t work, because I’m excited to start IVF proceedings soon afterwards. Will test again tomorrow morning to see if anything’s changed. And again of course, and again.

I was happy with this IUI though. I definitely had two follicles for the first time and my husband’s sperm count was really good. We’ll see how it goes!

I Hate Waiting!!

I think I’m 7 DPO today, since I’m not temping I lose track pretty easily. But my IUI was last Friday, so 7 DPO it is.

I’ve been having tightness in my lower abdomen for a few days now, and definite cramps/pain last night and today. Weird. I know that I had every symptom in the book the last time and still wasn’t pregnant, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up this go round.

This cycle has extra pressure though, kind of. If I’m not pregnant, we’re moving to Connecticut, getting better insurance and doing IVF. So there’s a LOT riding on this cycle. I’m a teeny bit excited about IVF because it has a much higher success rate and because I want twins. I do not want to TTC ever again after this process finally works. So if I could get two kids out of one pregnancy, that’d be perfect. Of course, the stress of IVF and whether it works or fails I’m sure will be unreal.

I think I’m going to test Monday, 10 DPO. I know I should wait til Wednesday or so, but we’ll see if I can hold out that long.


Tested this morning, 12dpo, at 5am with FMU, negative. Poo. Had a little cry, got comforted by my 99% asleep husband, then went back to sleep until 10am.

Still have cramps, sore boobs, creamy CM with some pink in it. But I assume it’s all period-related. Though I’ve never had CM this late and I’ve never had pre-period spotting. I’ll test again tomorrow and again Thursday if I don’t get my period that morning.

My wonderful husband stepped off the train this afternoon with these for me though. He ALWAYS makes me feel better. He also said a lot of stuff about how he thinks I’m handling the stress of all of this really well (which is shocking considering the amount of worrying, crying and general flipping out that I do each month!). I’m a lucky lady.

Symptoms, Symptoms Everywhere!!

My 2nd IUI was 1 week ago today. Logically, I know that women don’t really have pregnancy symptoms before they find out they’re pregnant. Or the same cramps, bloating, breast pain can mean pregnancy or they can mean period. So I try to tell myself this during the Two Week Wait.

But logical thinking is NOT my strong suit. Emotionally speaking, OMG, so many awesome symptoms!! I’ve had twinges pretty much every day since the IUI. The past few days I’ve had bloating and basically a heavy sensation in my lower abdomen. Had a headache all day on 5DPO and I never have headaches that don’t go away like that. I’ve been super emotional the past few days too. Like about to cry at absolutely nothing. More emotional than I usually am even, which is pretty emotional. All around, I just feel way different after the 2nd IUI than I did after the first.

I flipped out about my temp not going up the day after the IUI though, so after talking to my doctor about it, I decided to stop temping. In my husband’s words “Step away from the thermometer!” He actually got up that night and put it in the bathroom so I couldn’t get to it in the morning! It’s kind of freeing and stress-relieving.

So about charting, the doc said that it’s not always accurate on medicated cycles and that he’s pretty positive that I did ovulate the day of the IUI, which was 36 hours after triggering. I did my usual Googling around for comforting information and the best bit I found was from Fertility Friend. It says this:

I had an HCG trigger a few days ago, but my chart is not showing ovulation where my doctor told me it would happen. I’m afraid my IUI was poorly timed. Help!

Don’t worry! Once your cycle is being triggered medically, your chart is no longer your best way to detect ovulation. The HCG trigger can affect the chart. Your doctor can tell you exactly when you ovulated based on the trigger. Use the manual override feature to enter ovulation where your doctor indicates.

So I stepped away from the thermometer and I’m attempting to trust the doctor when he says I ovulated on time.


I fell pray to POAS-aholism. I was trying to wait until 12 DPO before I started testing, but I was at home on 10 DPO (today) and there were some First Response Early Result sticks around, and the packaging on those bastards says “Accurate 6 days before expected period” so I gave it a go.


But it’s still early, so I’ll test again on Wednesday morning using FMU. This was just regular old pee today. I’m disappointed, but it’s still only our first IUI and I know the odds are real low that it’ll happen. Sad face.

Up, Up and Away!

Another temp rise this morning! Up to 97.5, which is pretty good for me. I’ve never had a pre-O temp that high (that wasn’t messed up for one reason or another). I’m feeling like the trigger is out of my system at this point. No more bad cramps, not much bloating, boobs don’t hurt much. So now there’s nothing but temps to¬†over-analyze.

Waiting til Wednesday the 15th to test for the first time. That’s 12DPO. Hopefully it’ll be accurate.

However, I always have it in the back of my mind that when my mom was pregnant with my youngest sibling, she took test after test and they all came up negative. She waited for her period and it never arrived. Then she finally had a sonogram or blood test or something the doctor did specially and found out she was pregnant. She even had a D&C-like exploratory procedure scheduled to see what was wrong! So if a very slow rising hCG runs in families, I could be in for a big of wait on the + testing front. Granted, that was the 80s and tests are probably a lot more sensitive to hCG now than they were then!

Crosshairs For the Win!

My temps are really low still, but Fertility Friend gave me crosshairs this morning!!! Granted, I was 99% sure I ovulated because I had the hCG trigger shot, but it’s still nice to see. I’m not sure why my coverline is SO low though, considering there are a 96.5 and a 96.6 in the previous 6 days but who am I to complain?!

TMI alert – GOBS of creamy cervical mucus today, 3 DPO. I’m hoping that’s because of the progesterone surge that follows ovulation and that that means my temp will shoot up some more tomorrow morning. I’d like to get out of the 96s.

I’m in my very first Two Week Wait! I love it here!